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Staying with a voucher: Bongo, Wonderbox, Vivabox,...

Staying with a voucher: Bongo, Wonderbox, Vivabox,...

"Would you like to stay with us with a voucher?

Welcome! Here is some additional information.

1. book a stay:
Do you have a Bongo voucher? Book via the Bongo website.
For other vouchers: Go to our website and choose the desired location at the top: Focus Hotel, Focus Budget or Focus Boutique. At your preferred location, select the desired check-in and check-out date. Via the search button you get a list with all available rooms at that location. Choose the room you want by clicking on the ""+"". Continue to make the reservation.
In the reservation overview you can enter the following discount codes:
Focus Hotel:
             1 night: 5109-8847
             2 nights: 7172-6394
Focus Budget:
             1 night: 6023-9901
             2 nights: 6359-6719
Focus Boutique:
             1 night: 5347-1987
             2 nights: 8435-9707
If you receive the message that the code is invalid, the rooms are not yet open to reserve with a voucher. You can try again at a later time or contact us at

The discount is automatically calculated in the total price of your reservation. Please note, depending on the period there may be an overlay. The tourist tax of 3 € pppn is already included in the total price of your reservation.

2. room rate - coupon equivalent:
A voucher for 2p has a value of 99€/night. For this value, we offer you all the flexibility you want:
- You can book any type of accommodation, including our luxury or family rooms.
- You can come with more than 2p and impose the difference above the equivalent or you can only come with a voucher of 2p and reserve something extra,...
- You can come in off-peak periods or just in a peak period."

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